Publication: Navigational Media: The Political Economy of Online Traf

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh dear, I have been sadly neglecting this blog.  But it’s becasue I’ve been writing!

I’m happy to report that I’ve finished the draft chapter I’ve been working on for insertion into the new book called Media Political Economies: Hierarchies, Finance and (New) Strategies of Accumulation in the Global Media Industries edited by Dwayne Winseck and Dal Yong Jin, to be published by Bloomsbury in 2011.  I’ve uploaded it to the publications section, here.

This chapter was very interesting to write.  I’ve extended some of the work I did in my thesis into thinking about social networking and even online retail sites, and it has given me enough food for thought, I think, to revise it as an even more theoretical article.

Meanwhile I have also been getting to grips with the new job – I’ve had my first staff meeting; first class in my higher education teaching module; first time getting stuck in the lift (my office is on the 16th floor), etc.

I need to write a draft "teaching philosophy" document for the higher education teaching course.  Interestingly during class the readings stressed all the good practices necessary for good teaching (repetition, staging, signposting, applying and pacing, but in the online discussion forum (hidden away on Blackboard) the consensus seemed to be that cakes were the chief indicator of a good teacher. I suspect, as my thesis supervisor used to often say, it is not a case of either/or but of both/and.


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