New job, new blog.

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

New blog, first post.  Much more useful than my previous static page at the LSE, but WordPress wasn’t around as such when I started that page, and I have had website inertia.

Yesterday I started my new job at the University of Leicester Department of Media and Communications.  Whilst I would like to share with the world all the small things that fill the days of a new lecturer (like finding my office, meeting my office-mate, discovering the complete lack of kitchen facilities, etc.) I didn’t want to make this an anonymous blog.  Thus, I will confine myself primarily to my research and the controversies, if such they are, pertaining to my field.

And to teaching.  Next semester I will be teaching research methods (statistics), celebrity and fandom studies, and mass media audiences.  None of these is squarely in my area of speciality, so blog readers will be delighted to get updates as I read through and come to terms with this literature, and try to connect it (however tenuously) with things I know more about, like digital political economy.

Although: first controversy — is it worth my precious precious time, publication-wise, to publish a blog?  The answer (I suppose) is that it depends how good the blog is.  I would anticipate that a Very Good blog would have some type of lovely resonant effect upon the research, whereas a Very Poor blog would remain unvisited and unuseful, except for the one post where I manage to say something to drastically curtail my career.  Let’s aim for the former, shall we?